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Maestra Josephine "Joey" del Mar           

After years of training in the self defense techniques of Kajukenbo Karate in Hawaii and California, Escrima was introduced to Ms. del Mar by Master Raymond Tobosa under whose watchful eyes, her skilled and disciplined training began.

In 1974, three years after attaining her esteemed title of Maestra or Instructress, she began her teaching career with martial arts enthusiasts at the Waialua Gym on Oahu.

As a result of her pronounced techniques and prowess in the art of Escrima, she was instrumental in spear heading and instructing Escrima as a subject class for adults and children in community and school programs throughout Oahu in Campbell High School, Kaiulani Elementary & Intermediate School's Law Enforcement Program, Kalihi Community Service Center, Windward Oahu Community Key Project Program in Kahaluu and the Leeward Community College.

Maestra del Mar's enthusiasm for Escrima extended to California in Alameda and Hayward counties where she helped establish branches of the Tobosa School of Kali thus introducing this Art to other martial arts enthusiasts.

Maestra del Mar, along with her students and fellow peers, have performed and conducted demonstrations for community festivals, martial arts conventions, beauty pageants, and martial arts programs. Their live demonstration in this ancient art have taken them throughout the State of Hawaii, California, Idaho, and Nevada.

Maestra del Mar firmly states "I have always been an advocate of Filipino cultural perpetuity and when I learned of my heritage in the Filipino Martial Art of Escrima/Kali, I vowed to do all I can toward the continuity of it's philosophies and master."


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